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Pet Bladder Stones Removal in Toronto

Bladder Stones Removal

Pet Bladder Stones Removal Surgery

Bladder stones are caused by mineral crystals that form in the urine. These crystals form when the concentration of salt in the urine is high and the pH level, i.e. the concentration of hydrogen ions, is suitable to help the crystals construct. If these crystals increase, they stick together, forming bladder stones in dogs. These stones may accumulate in the bladder and cause discomfort and burning. They may also get stuck in the urinary tract, prevent urine from leaving the body, and put the dog in an emergency.

If your dog has pain when urinating, know that his life may be in danger. So don’t skip this issue. Pain during urination has various causes, one of which is bladder stones. A dog with bladder stones may have blood in his urine. He urinates frequently and urinates a small amount each time.


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    Our veterinarians at the Parliament Veterinary Hospital, to ensure the presence of this disease and to prescribe the appropriate treatment, first take a few tests from the dog: urine test, radiographs and photos with an ultrasound machine. In the urine test, the urine sample is thoroughly analyzed. The method of treating bladder stones depends on the size and type of rocks.

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