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Dog and cat teeth and, in general, oral health are essential factors in animal health. In addition to the fact that the oral health of dogs and cats is necessary for the animal to eat, infections and gum diseases, and dental caries of cats and dogs significantly impact the animal’s general health. Even gum infections in dogs and cats may cause damage to the animal’s heart. Dental diseases can lead to bad breath, painful chewing and tooth loss. Bacteria under the gums are transferred to the heart, kidneys and liver.

Scaling dog teeth and scaling cat teeth is necessary to remove plaque and tartar from the pet’s teeth and evaluate oral health.

Regular dental care at home will help improve your pet’s oral health and extend the interval between scaling.

A professional dental cleaning at Parliament Veterinary Hospital is the only way to remove plaque from the teeth and under the gum tissue to protect your pet’s health.

Professional cat and dog teeth cleaning removes visible plaque and tartar on the teeth’ surface and bacteria under the gums.Our dental care eliminates potential sources of infection in the mouth and other organs. It protects your pet from the pain and loss of teeth and subsequent illnesses from advanced oral and dental diseases.

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