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Geriatric Pet Care in Toronto

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Geriatric Care

Your pet may slow down a bit in old age. But this is not the reason that the senior years are not valuable. For example, dogs become wiser as they get older. With regular vet visits, daily care and proper nutrition, your old pet can live a happy and healthy life. When Pat gets old, specific changes occur in his body. Vital body functions commonly used for scoring may begin to slow down or fail. An older animal is prone to several diseases. The signs of each can be precise, and we, as owners, need to be aware of these signs as some of them are treatable.

Regular veterinary care is a must for senior dogs. It’s tempting to miss check-ups but remember that vaccinations, worming, and flea treatments are essential throughout your pet’s years. When the immune system isn’t what it should be, these preventative measures are critical to keeping an older pet healthy. If necessary, older pets should be weighed regularly and given blood and urine tests to detect specific diseases. Parliament Veterinary Hospital has exceptional nurses for regular check-ups of aged animals. Daily dental care by a veterinarian is critical, as older animals are more prone to gum disease and plaque build-up on their teeth. In addition to regular vet visits, having your pet’s teeth and gums checked regularly is a good idea.


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