Holiday Dangers for your Cat

Holiday Dangers for your Cat

For many of us, the holidays represent an opportunity to travel and see new places. We gather with our friends and family to enjoy a delicious meal, open presents, exchange gifts, and celebrate the season with our cats. While these celebrations can be fun for humans, they can also be dangerous for felines. Before introducing your cat to your holiday festivities, here are five things you should know:

Christmas Tree

  • Keep the tree away from the cat. This is obvious, but it’s worth repeating as a reminder of how necessary this simple precaution is for your pet’s safety.
  • Keep the tree away from the fireplace and other heat sources that could ignite branches, needles or lights and cause a fire hazard.
  • Ensure your Christmas tree is secure, so it doesn’t fall over, potentially hurting small children in the house or breaking if it falls onto wires or another item that would hurt an animal (or child). The same goes for tabletop trees; these can be knocked over easily by playful cats who like to jump up onto things as you walk by them with food dishes in hand or by dogs who are just being their usual mischievous selves!
  • Make sure there are no decorations on your tree that can be chewed off and swallowed whole by curious kitties who want something sparkly to play with (and possibly choke on). Be sure not to put any glass balls as well because if one breaks in half pieces inside its stomach could puncture internal organs causing death if left untreated quickly enough.

Electrical Cords

  • Keep cords out of reach. Your cat will be curious about the line and may try to play with it or chew on it. If a cable is wrapped around your cat’s neck, it could cause serious injuries or death.
  • Don’t use cords to tie up your cat. It’s never a good idea to leave a cord loose while you are away from home because there is always the chance that your cat can get tangled up in it and become injured or die.
  • Don’t wrap cords around your cat’s neck when they come home after being outside all day long playing with other animals like squirrels, who may carry diseases into the house that could make one sick if he comes inside without washing off his paws first!

Holiday Lights

Holiday lights are dangerous for cats. Cats can become tangled in the strings and get hurt, or they may chew on them and cause a fire. If you are using lights around your home, make sure that you keep your cat away from the tree and lights.

Cat Toys and Ornaments

  • Make sure you never leave any toys that could be chewed on and swallowed.
  • Do not leave any toys or ornaments around your cat’s food and water bowls, as he may use them as a chew toy instead of eating the food you have provided.
  • Ensure that the cat does not have access to any cords from Christmas lights or other decorations, as they may chew through them and cause an electrical fire when plugged in with no one around to notice!

Comman Dangers for your Cat

Ribbons, Bows and Tinsel

If you have Christmas decorations, keeping the ribbon, bows and tinsel out of your cat’s reach is essential. This can be a problem if you have a tree or hang decorations around the house. Cats love to climb on things, so your tree will likely be climbed by your feline friend at some point.

If your cat does get tangled up in these items, don’t pull them apart! This can cause injury to the intestines and mouth. Instead, try cutting off as much of the ribbon as possible with scissors so no more is left dangling them (you may need someone else’s help). Then place gauze over their wound and take them to a vet immediately. We at Parliament Animal Hospital can help your pet in this situation.

Holiday Candles

Candles can cause fires, and as a cat owner, you should be careful to stay aware of the potential risks involved with holiday candles. The following are some safety tips to help keep your cat safe:

  • Always keep candles in a secure place while lit. Please do not leave them unattended until they have completely cooled down after burning them out.
  • Keep lit candles away from walls, furniture or other items where they could start a fire if knocked over by an animal or person (including children).
  • If you choose to use candle holders that are designed for use by pets such as cats or dogs, make sure that the holder has been tested for safety before purchasing it; there is no guarantee that all pet-friendly candle holders will be made with materials that won’t cause harm if exposed directly to flame for long periods.

Potpourri & Air Fresheners

If you’re a cat owner, you know your furry friend has a keen sense of smell. It’s one of the essential senses they have! People often use potpourri and air fresheners to make their home smell nice. But did you know these items could be toxic to your cat?

  • Potpourri is made from plants and dried flowers sprayed with scents. The scent can be harmful if ingested by cats because they may try to eat what smells so good.
  • Some air fresheners contain toxic chemicals to cats—for example, alcohol-based products like Febreze® Fabric Refresher®, which is made up of about 50% alcohol (by volume). This can cause vomiting or constipation in cats who come into contact with it.

Human Food Products – Xylitol

  • Xylitol is a sugar substitute in many foods, including candies, baked goods and chewing gum.
  • This sweetener is toxic to cats; even small amounts can be deadly.
  • If your cat eats something containing xylitol, it will likely become ill with symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea within 30 minutes of ingestion.
  • If you suspect your cat has consumed xylitol-containing products: Take them to the vet immediately!

Keep Your Cat Safe Over the Holidays!

With the holidays approaching, you may be looking for ways to prepare your cat for the festivities. While some cats can be pretty jolly, others may not love all of the noise and commotion. In addition to keeping your cat safe during this time of year, it’s essential to ensure that they are well-fed and comfortable so that they don’t feel overwhelmed by all the excitement around them. Here are some ways to help your cat get through the chaos of the holidays:

  • Remember: Holiday lights are not toys! Please put away any electrical cords before letting your pets near them. If your pet accidentally bites into an electric line while playing with it, it could suffer serious injuries or even death from electrocution!
  • Keep tinsel out of reach! Tinsel contains small pieces made from glass or plastic, which could hurt your pet if ingested by accidentally getting tangled up in their mouth while playing around with other decorations like garland strands or wreaths hanging on doors/windowsills and much more. So please keep these items away from where pets might find easy access unless otherwise instructed by a vet first before using them yourself at home safely.

This guide will help you to keep your cat safe over the holidays! You should also check out the ASPCA’s Cat Safety Guide for more information on keeping your cat safe from household hazards.

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