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Onsite veterinary diagnostics in Toronto

Onsite Diagnostic
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Onsite Diagnostic Services

Onsite Diagnostic Services of Parliament Veterinary Hospital have been launched to diagnose pet diseases accurately.

This veterinary diagnostic center provides veterinary diagnostic services for domestic animals such as dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and other animals to veterinary treatment departments and animal owners, with the most advanced equipment and experienced professional staff. This collection’s primary goal is to help diagnose domestic animals’ complications and diseases using advanced imaging and laboratory techniques.

With its advanced and unique equipment, Parliament Veterinary Hospital is ready to create a tremendous revolution in the science of veterinary diagnostic imaging. Performing sonography services using the advanced system of routine sonography, colour doppler, power doppler, spectral doppler, and echocardiography are other facilities provided by this hospital.

Coordination in providing MRI and CT scan imaging services will also be a big step in veterinary diagnostic matters and help in accurate diagnosis and correct treatment of diseases by general veterinarians and surgical and internal medicine specialists.

These advanced diagnostic tools allow us to examine specific areas more precisely and provide a faster and more accurate diagnosis.


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