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Pet Parasite Prevention in Toronto

Parasite Prevention

Pet Parasite Prevention

Parasitic diseases are among the most critical conditions in pets, especially dogs and cats. Dogs and cats can be infected with different types of parasites, especially digestive parasites, at various stages of life. Some dog and cat parasites can also be transmitted to humans and infect the animal owner or people in contact with dogs and cats. When dogs and cats are infected with digestive parasites, parasite eggs or adult parasites enter the environment through the animal’s feces and can infect humans and other animals. Considering the dangers that dog and cat parasitic diseases have for the animal itself and the humans related to it, pet owners must familiarize themselves with these diseases and the ways to prevent and treat the dog and cat parasitic diseases to take appropriate action in case of occurrence.

Antiparasitic treatment is done every three months and is a preventive action to prevent the dog or cat from contracting internal and external parasites. A pet dog should have its nails trimmed, and its anal sac emptied every three months in addition to antiparasitic treatment. A domestic cat should also trim its nails in addition to antiparasitic therapy. The above work is expensive and time-consuming, but it has excellent benefits.

Parasite Prevention

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