Pet Dermatology Services

The most common skin diseases of dogs and cats are one of the most fundamental reasons why cat and dog owners seek veterinary services. A skin disease that affects pets can be caused by various factors, from insect allergies to fungal and bacterial infections. Symptoms can range from hair loss to lesions depending on the type of disease and its seriousness. The skin is the largest organ in the body and is crucial for your pet’s health.

Skin lesions in dogs and cats may be itchy and painful. In some situations, it can lead to infection and be transferred from one animal to another. Regular hygiene and grooming are great ways to track your pet’s skin health.

Skin problems are prevalent in both cats and dogs. They even cause severe discomfort and pain. As a pet owner, it is best to recognize the signs of skin disease and seek treatment for your pet as soon as possible. As pet owners, if you notice symptoms such as excessive itching, biting, or licking in your pet, be sure to consult a certified veterinarian at Parliament Veterinary Hospital to diagnose the most common skin disease in your dog or cat.

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