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It is better to know that many people have problems such as taking care of animals or travelling with them during their travels. You should know that the conditions for sending animals to other countries are a bit special and expensive, and that’s why many people avoid taking their animals with them on trips.

You should know that at this stage, many people get help from their friends, but many have no one to take care of their animals. To help you in this situation, Parliament Veterinary Hospital has a suitable hospice where you can leave your pet.

In addition to keeping pets, there are all kinds of toys, clothes, shoes, and special foods in this center, and cosmetic and grooming services such as hair and nail trimming, washing, and veterinary examinations are performed.


Animal euthanasia is one of the saddest yet unavoidable cases in the veterinary and animal world. Having a dying puppy or kitten and being unable to treat an injured cat are some things that make people think about euthanizing animals in the hands of a specialist. In general, animal euthanasia is possible if the animal owner is present and requested, and the veterinarian cannot make such a decision. The veterinarian must explain his diagnosis of the disease, the methods and duration of the treatment, and the costs to the animal owner so that, if necessary, he can make a fully informed decision to euthanize the animal. Trust the experts at Parliament Veterinary Hospital to make this difficult decision.


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