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Pet Ultrasound Services in Toronto

Pet Ultrasound Services
Diagnostic Ultrasound

Pet Ultrasound Toronto

The pet radiology and ultrasound department of the Parliament Veterinary Hospital is equipped with the latest digital devices in the world under the supervision of veterinarians, radiologists and sonographers to diagnose pet ultrasounds and provide preliminary treatment information. It is ready to provide pet ultrasound services.

PET ultrasound scan is a painless procedure that uses high-frequency sound waves (inaudible to humans) to produce structural images inside the body.

When sound waves enter the body, some are absorbed by the body tissues, and others are occasionally bounced back. The sound waves that bounce back are measured by the ultrasound machine and converted into an image of a specific body area.

PET ultrasound is also helpful when these animals suffer from tumour diseases and helps the veterinarian diagnose these diseases.

Just as ultrasound is used in humans to detect pregnancy, you can also use ultrasound to see and confirm pregnancy in dogs and cats.

A pet ultrasound can ensure that the embryos are alive and healthy. Ultrasound is not as efficient as radiography in detecting the number of babies. The specialized ultrasound center of the Parliament Veterinary Hospital is ready to provide ultrasound services to the owners of beautiful animals.


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