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Pet Pharmacy Services

Did you know that you can quickly get a prescription for a veterinarian at the Parliament Veterinary Hospital from the hospital’s pharmacy without visiting pharmacies in the city and getting lost in traffic!!?? After going to the hospital, diagnosing the problem, and prescribing the veterinarian, you can treat the animal with the drugs available in the pharmacy.

The Pharmacy of Parliament Veterinary Hospital, with its experienced and expert team, is a supplier of all medicines and supplements, specialized health and treatment products for dogs and cats and all pets, and the manufacture of combined drugs and rare brews. This group operates in the field of selling all kinds of medicines, supplements, disinfectants, animal feed and veterinary supplies.

In addition, due to the expertise and experiences of the management of this collection over many years regarding the fields of veterinary medicine and optimizing your activity, you dear ones can benefit from a consultation with our pharmacy department. This pharmacy also offers pet food, as well as medication.

The pharmacy of Parliament Veterinary Hospital has the following features:

  • Online and telephone drug consultation by a specialist veterinarian
  • Equipped with a pet shop to sell pet supplies
  • Providing medicine and medical equipment in the shortest possible time
  • Immediate shipping of orders to all Greater Toronto Areas

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