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Animal behaviour includes a wide range of different reactions. Factors such as inheritance, early life education, environment, and animal’s physiological state and natural stimuli play a significant role in behaviour formation. Different behaviours indicate how the animal communicates with its surrounding environment.

These behaviours may be undesirable for humans and animals, whether automatic or acquired. Some of them, such as aggressive behaviour, may be very dangerous and cause injury and damage to humans and other animals.

Behavioural disorder in pets may signify a pathological problem or an intuitive and natural behaviour that is inappropriate, untimely and extreme. On the other hand, the tolerance threshold of animal owners for a specific behaviour is different. For some, tolerating a behavioural disorder is a simple matter, while others consider the same behaviour to be destructive and unacceptable.

In all cases of behavioural disorders, you must carefully examine the animal in terms of physical health. It would be best if you first considered the cause of unwanted behaviour to treat behavioural problems. Sometimes it is possible that what is not desired by humans is a natural behaviour that has turned into an unbearable situation due to the animal owner’s ignorance.

If you need help managing your pet’s behaviour, contact the Toronto North Animal Hospital and take advantage of its expert advice.

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