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Animal surgery is a part of veterinary science that cuts and manipulates tissue to make the damaged area work better.

Some surgeries at Parliament Veterinary Hospital are performed on an outpatient basis, which does not require hospitalization. But some surgeries, such as dog spaying and neutering surgery, bone fracture, and tumour removal, which are large and long, usually require hospitalization. We have provided conditions for hospitalized dogs and cats at the Parliament Veterinary Hospital. If the patient needs the veterinarian diagnoses hospitalization, we have considered a separate ward for your pet so that you can safely admit your dog or cat.

The specialized pet surgery department offers the following surgeries under the supervision of a team of surgeons and according to the latest American technology:

Eye, ear, reproductive system (dog and cat spaying and neutering surgery), orthopedics (spine and fixation of motor organs), digestive system (gastrointestinal obstruction, cancer), neurosurgery, general surgery

Dogs, cats, rabbits, ornamental birds, and guinea pigs are among the most popular pets suffering from gastrointestinal obstructions or organ traumas due to curiosity. The pet surgery department is located at the Parliament Veterinary Hospital in Toronto and is ready to accept and perform all emergency surgeries.

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