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Pet Tumour Removal Surgery

Cells grow and then divide in living organisms’ bodies, including common pets. Worn-out cells are destroyed, and new cells are replaced. This standard and natural process are done, but sometimes cellular and translocation work differently. It can start anywhere in the body; if the animal’s immune system cannot, these cells can grow and form a tumour or cancerous gland.

Tumours are divided into benign and malignant. Benign tumours are cell masses that do not move and do not spread in the animal’s body and can be treated. But tumours and cancer cells are distributed by the blood and lymph flow in the animal’s body, and the spread of cancer tumours in different parts of the animal’s body puts him at risk of death.

To treat your pet’s cancer, visit a veterinarian as soon as you see the following symptoms:

  1. Difficulty breathing
  2. Difficulty excreting urine and feces
  3. Inactivity and getting tired easily
  4. Wounds that do not heal or heal slowly
  5. Bleeding and secretions from the nose and mouth
  6. Rapid weight loss and anorexia
  7. Bloody urine
  8. Unpleasant smell and frequent vomiting
  9. Swelling and persistent and growing bumps on the skin surface
  10. Muscle stiffness and lameness

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    The presence of cancer experts and professors to remove cancer from pets in the Parliament Veterinary Hospital and to promote the activities of the pet cancer department is another step in providing better and more complete services to pets, which is provided by the efforts of the Parliament Veterinary Hospital management.

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