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Pet Wellness Exams in Toronto, ON

Wellness Exams

Pet Preventative Care & Wellness Exams

Regular health checkups aren’t just for sick dogs. You should perform these tests on any animal that appears healthy. The animal likely has hidden diseases you are unaware of. These routine checkups will help you keep your pet healthy. They will need special care and special veterinary procedures according to their age and in each period. As the age of the pet increases, the need for periodic checkups increases.

Dogs’ and cats’ examinations change slightly at different stages of life. Puppies and kittens checkup includes clinical quizzes, vaccinations, diagnostic tests, stool tests and checking the animal for parvo and distemper in dogs and Felv.FIV in cats for kittens. In addition, we start preventive anti-parasitic treatments at the very beginning of the baby’s life. We regularly prescribe anti-roundworms (Ascaris), hookworms and tapeworms, and preventive medicines for ticks and fleas.

In the checkup of elderly animals, in addition to the examinations we perform for adult animals, we also check the symptoms of common diseases in old age—conditions such as anemia, infection, diabetes, liver, kidney, endocrine, and bladder problems.

Wellness Exams

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    The expert veterinary team and complete equipment of the Parliament Veterinary Hospital perform periodic examinations of your pets and provide a detailed assessment of the animal’s physical condition. We arrange your appointments and remind you.


      Our love for animals drives us to do our best. We are not afraid to roll on the floor with a puppy and we love the kitties that greet us daily. With initiative, positivity, and sincerity, we strive to bridge the gap between humans and pets and focus on their health to establish a better and stronger relationship because we consider animals family members. Choosing a veterinary clinic significantly impacts the health of animals, so be careful when choosing.

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