Why are we one of the best pet clinics in the downtown area

Why are we one of the best pet clinics in the downtown area

Pets are precious beings that come to be a big part of our days and our world not long after the first eye contact, the first pet, or the first fluff-filled hug. They are not called fur babies for nothing, as they make us feel like we have adorable toddlers that never outgrow their cute squishy phase, and like that’s not enough to melt our hearts, they are furry too!

So their well-being becomes essential to our happiness, which makes having that trusted local vet extra heart-warming. That’s what we have aspired for and have succeeded to be for pet owners in the downtown parliament area: being the one that goes that extra mile to watch out for your fur babies’ health, wellness, and well-being. Here is a list of some of the reasons we are your trusted heart-warming vet:

How Dependable Your Vet’s Advice Is.

We have all heard the phrase: “we are getting a second opinion”, while that is a very logical step when it comes to accepting and acting on a diagnosis and medical advice for a loved one, human or animal, it would feel great if you didn’t feel the need for it, as you could fully trust your vet’s diagnostic dependability, which has two aspects:

Clinical Skill And Experience

Obviously, the first and foremost cause of a vet’s diagnosis being trustworthy is how well-educated your vet is with an animal’s physiological mechanisms, and how well-experienced they are with the disease and conditions they may come down with, and what is the best course of action in treating them. The expertise/ experience combo makes them versatile with the full extent of what can be wrong with your pet, and how current they keep themselves with the latest in the veterinary field reassures you that what they are recommending is positively the best course of action.

Not Being In It Only For The Money

We all know how animal health care can be pretty costly, and we have all heard the infuriating anecdotes of how a vet tried to rip off a fellow pet owner by prescribing a series of tests and procedures that turned out to be utterly unnecessary and the vet was just trying to make a big chunk of change off of them. So, a big part of a vet’s medical advice being trustworthy is that they are not money-grubbing greedy crooks.

Scope Of Services

In addition to having confidence in your vet’s command in knowing what the source of your complaint with your pet is and how it can best be remedied, it creates a tremendous amount of comfort to know your vet clinic provides almost everything you need taken care of with your living fuzzy buddies, ranging from medicine and supplements to food and bath products, to wellness exams and a variety of surgeries: spays and neuters, foreign object removal and trauma response operations. We take pride in being thorough in meeting all your pets’ vet-related needs.

How Well Your Vet’s Interaction With Your Fluff Balls Is.

Whether you are taking your beloved floofs to the vet for their routine wellness exam, or they are actually sick or injured, odds are your pet is going to be stressed when they are at the vet’s. In addition to being painful to watch, insensitive or neglectful interaction can cause instant and prolonged aggressions in the animal, interfering with being examined, and add on to their fear of vet visits in the future, which is a hassle to deal with. So how the vet interacts with your furry companions becomes more significant on multiple fronts. That’s why when you are asking a friend for a referral to a good vet, the question “how does he/she interact with your dog/cat?” is bound to come up. But what does a good interaction entail? Here’s what we know it does:

Being Patient

Pets always pick up on it when someone is taking their time waiting for them to decompress, they take it as a sign of tender loving care, and they let their guard down. It also shows we are making time for your fluffy pals and not rushing you to get to our next paying customer faster.

Read The Animal Well

Animals tend to trust those who can tell when they are guarded, scared, stressed, or hungry, they feel at ease, and they let your attempts at de-stressing them succeed faster.

Attention To Detail And Personalized Care

When the vet notices tiny moles that seem to be new, tell you they see a different look in your fur baby’s eyes, ask you why their fur has become more overgrown compared to their last visit, and remembers where they like to be scratched and pet, It lets both you and your little friend know that we have gotten to know them well, and we care.

Punctuality And Low Wait Times

Who hasn’t been through the frustration of waiting for their visit in the waiting room of an overbooked vet, with the place literally and figuratively crawling with distressed animals, waiting forever, because the vet either hasn’t been punctual with the first visit and it has caused a backlog and many overlaps, or they have clearly given out far more appointments that they can keep up with, without having the pet owner waste hours in pointless infuriating wait. So one of the marks of honest, responsible, trustworthy vets is that we don’t overbook for more profit or the appearance of being poular and in demand, but we give you the courtesy of a timely and stress-free visit.

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De-Stressing Environment

Speaking of the waiting room, how peaceful and non-stressful the environment is can go a long way to make the vet visit a pleasant one. So what makes a stress-free vet clinic atmosphere?


it sounds obvious, right? But how can you keep a place frequented and frolicked all over by a slew of furry things clean? It doesn’t sound too realistic, does it? It IS realistic though, get a Roomba, preferably one with a built-in camera, and have it running all through the business hours, not only it keeps the place almost immaculate considering, it entertains the hell out of your playful barkers and mowers.

Comfy, Quality Furniture

Odds are the doggos and kitties are going to jump all over your furniture, and the pet owner is going to want to sit back and relax when dealing with a stressed animal, so your furniture needs to be firm yet comfortable, and easily washable not to look dirty from all the animal interaction.

Nice Decorations

Many vets neglect nice decorations, figuring animals are not too interior-design conscious. But animals tend to pick up on, and respond to the vibe given off by nice colors, plants and flowers, and cheerful yet not too ostentatious decorations, so we have not been remiss in that department either.

Why Are We One Of The Best Pet Clinic In The Downtown Area

Parliament pet clinic has taken great care to be all you need from your local vet, the skills, the integrity, the warmth and TLC, the convenience, and the ambiance. Pay us a visit, see all this for yourself, and vouch for us to your fellow floof-lovers later.


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