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Pet X-Ray Services in Toronto

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Today, with the advancement of veterinary science and knowledge, we can photograph the internal organs of animals. With high accuracy, we can snap all the interior bones of animals, including the stomach, intestine, kidney, liver and other organs. For this purpose, digital X-ray devices have been designed and built to provide images of animals’ internal organs with high accuracy.

We use imaging methods to obtain comprehensive and complete information with non-invasive methods. This action does not disturb the treatment process of the animal and does not cause the slightest problem for the animals.

After the general visit of the pets, if the vet deems fit, you can do an ultrasound and radiology of your pets at the Parliament Veterinary Hospital. Not all pet treatment centers are equipped with these devices and facilities.

Ultrasound and radiology are diagnostic tools for identifying diseases in pets. We determine bone fractures, masses and tumours, kidney stones, and kidney and liver failure by performing ultrasound and radiology. For treating animal diseases, the veterinarian, with a picture of the relevant organs, can accurately diagnose their illnesses and choose the best treatment method. Radiology and ultrasound of animals help to treat them faster. Also, the treatment methods the veterinarian chooses using the results of these tests will be more fruitful and effective because it determines the treatment method strictly based on the existing problem.


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